Each one of us comes with plenty of experience obtained in various past ventures and projects.
We were connected by need to create a new face of Krakow.


Artur Michałowski

Co-founder of Forum Przestrzenie and Wyspy Forum. Man who swapped the sea side for Krakow. Fan of city initiatives. Best contact when comes to new ideas.

+48 507 197 207

Dorota Guzowska-Habiera

Everything started from her first felt made obwarzanek… and she’s still responsible for projects. Teamed up with Nawer she takes care of production and enlarging our offer.

+48 606 153 922

Karolina Reimus

For years working on marketing at Obwarzanek.com she’s responsible for coordinating and strategy. She’s the one to contact with relation to Facebook and business clients.

+48 601 955 315

Nina Romanowska

He’s responsible for storage and distribution - our guy for every sales point to contact.

+48 884 040 666

Łukasz Habiera/NAWER

More known from his street art side. He’s responsible for product design and managing the process from idea to post production.

+48 604 411 636