What are cookies?

What are "Cookies"?

Cookies are small, single text files sent by the websites visited by the user and next downloaded on the user's computer. Information contained in cookies may only be read by the website that created cookies. At the same time, the website has no access to any other files located on the user's computer.

For what purpose does the website www.obwarzanek.com use cookies?

Cookies used at https://obwarzanek.com/ allow to properly adjust the information displayed on the website and to personalise its contents, they also allow to measure user interactions on websites. The purpose of using cookies is to adjust and improve the functioning of the website https://obwarzanek.com/, as well as to measure the effects of campaigns conducted on the website. Cookies allow to define users' likes, which contributes to improvement of the quality of our services on a permanent basis. Cookies are not used by us for contacting users by phone, e-mail or mail.

Examples of using cookies at https://obwarzanek.com/:

What cookies do we use?

Two types of cookies may be used at https://obwarzanek.com/:

  • persistent cookies, which remain on the user's hardware until manual removal thereof by the user or for the time defined in file parameters
  • session cookies, which remain on the user's hardware until the software (browser) is closed or until the user leaves the website

The browser may be set up so as to reject requests for storing cookies.

How to disable service of cookies?

- przeglądarka Firefox
przeglądarka Google Chrome
przeglądarka Internet Explorer 9